Monday, April 11, 2005

Spices and Grandpa :)

Strange how certain things make us go down memory lane and bring back memories long forgotten. May be we never stopped by, to think of them as we ran chasing life's everchanging priorities.........or may be we just don't find ourselves with time enough to p onder over these anymore. Happened to visit a friend the other day. As I got out of the lift and moved towards her house, there was this aroma of spices floating in the air. No! nothing special about the spices or the aura it spread. I could not even trace where it was coming from, for the aroma of spices wasn't in my mind then.......I was thinking of my grand dad. Any guesses why?? Most of my childhood memories are filled with days spent at my grandparents house. Since my grandma died pretty early, my grand dad managed on his own.......atleast cooking. My mind drifted back to those good old days......bringing a flood of memories....the tantrums I would throw.....And I was with my grandpa again......I am visiting him after school like I do every weekend and the house is filled with food being cooked.......there was variety everytime I visited him. He would cook delicacies for me ........puddings and pies!! But this is the flavour that still remains in my memory....... fresh as it were just yesterday that I was with him......My grandpa loved me :) Since I was his first grandchild, I was a favorite. He is no's been so many years now..........I lost him when I wasn't even eight. But I am now even more certain I love him.......I am so sure I do............else what happened, would not have. Even after twenty years of his death he still lives with me in my heart. Till this happened I had never known life has a way of making you feel special even by the tiniest of things.