Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another attempt!

Is marubhoomi mein ped ki wo chaanv ho tum,
Jise dekh raahi ko chaah hai chalne ki....
Aur main...
usi chaanv mein baithker
chura leti hoon jeevan ko
Phir jee leti hoon pal do pal

Monday, October 13, 2008

Computers n life!

The other day I got up with a strange thought right in the morning...while driving down to work the same thought kept me occupied. I awoke with this feeling that with the amount of computers we do nowadays, are we going to forget how to write with pen on paper. I wondered if kids someday will learn to read and write not with books and paper and pencils but with computers..at the rate the technology is progressing ....will that day be far when there will be user friendly keyboards for children who have just started reading and writing.... when even the kids text books would be replaced by e-books....it already has........ but what with 3-5 year olds...who are learning to read and write....are they going to do it just with the computers and not their hands. Are the next generation kids going to have nothing to do with handwriting...this reminded me of the writing competitions that we used to have during school days and the way we would practice to win that one prize.....those were days when computers hadn't really caught up the way it has now......now when I am asked to write on paper it is hard for me...my handwriting has gone for a toss....I have been so out of practice writing...this when I had a beautiful handwriting which I boast about even now....and an honest confession...I dread writing these days....other than scribbling.. I doubt we do much nowadays.......I can't do much with my hands on paper and then another srange thought gripped me....where are we heading ...progress?? when we depend on machines, it's all so mechanic...you dont really use your brains...because you have function keys to work everything out for you, what with the sci-fi world we live in ...of course I love it the way it is now...but what about the future...this is what has been haunting me since then. It is that I like it the way it is now...I dont wish to ever change it but at the same time I wish we could do more phsyical work and without machines.