Friday, February 20, 2009


Last few months have been kind of a Rejuvenation - in terms of spirits.

Sunita called up out of the blue and said she is in India. It was like a rush of adrenaline pumping through the heart to hear her after so many seemed ages and actually it was! 5 years is a long time isn't it?
She is a school friend. We were good friends in school and then we lost touch. Dad was transfered and we moved to Jamshedpur. I heard she got married and all, through some of the friends I was in touch with. Then one fine day, as I walked the streets of Delhi....I thought I saw her. It was a far cry to find someone you know in Delhi considering the place I come from and more over considering that I had no idea where she is. I knew her family is still in Hazaribag but nothing much...nor did I ever try to find much about her- that is what is special about teenage - you keep falling in and out of friendship and school friends soon take a back seat once you are out of school. I had a gut feeling it's her so I returned to catch up with her as we crossed path with each other in the opposite directions. I called "Sunita." She stopped and turned. ...and then said "Sonia?"
We were in the middle of the road and honestly, I didnt feel much bonding with her then. We just exchanged our phone numbers and parted promising to call. I don't remember who called up first, but yes-we revived our friendship from then on and became really close. We started visiting each other, shopping together and sharing everything with each other. It was like we were friends forever and this time the friendship was stronger and matured. But then she moved out of the country.
After 5 years, in December I met her in Ranchi as she was there too and I was scheduled to go there. But the best part was the time spent with her when she came to Delhi in January. It was really a pleasure to sit and chat with her and it seemed we wouldnt be able to have enough time to catch up on our lives so far.....
I still wish she was here and we could share so many things and have fun like the good old days.

Last tuesday, Chandrani called up to say she is in Delhi and would leave by evening the same day.
Chandrani happens to be my friend from college days. I have memories of sharing our crushes and heartbreaks and love stories and discussing about boys ;-) bunking classes, night outs, hostel life, movies and magazines, icecream and food, scooty races during college holidays. Riding our two wheelers through the streets of Jamshedpur. I met her after 9 years and it felt like ever since. Time just flew....we lost track of time.....we craved for more as hours passed by. The old days seemed like "Once upon a time...." tales that we used to hear as kids. It is strange how we were craving for more time now, time- which never seemed important during those days...a phone call and you are there....even if you don't call up you can still visit anytime.. Time was not as important as it seemed now when I met her after so many years. This is what time and distance does to your relationships...excitement and wait.....there are things to share.......infact there is so much that you never seem to complete all that you wanted to talk about.

I was living and re-living my good old days, days long gone by....memories that had taken a back stage in the tale of life, I had covered a long distance in time....and this was my past. As I lived each moment now, I was filled with varied emotions....The memories seemed like a delicious piece of cake and I wished I could eat it bit by bit so as to let the taste last longer. And, as I took the last bit, like the topping on the cake was another call- Manjery.
Manjery came a week later and we had fun.....went to all the malls close by...went to all the stores with the board "Sale" - very typical of her.
came across Manjery when she joined my team at work....she was an intelligent and qualified girl, plain and simple, hesitant and shy. Gradually she did change a bit - all for the good though -- and I am happy for her.
We liked each other and shared a comfort level. We went to places after work, shopping-window shopping, eating joints and restaurants. Both of us were foodies so we explored all the retaurants of Sec 18 Noida that existed then. We were equally passionate about chocolates... and I still remember the frequent trips to the closest from office- Nirula's for their Truffle pastry and Hot Chocolate Fudge. Whatever be the weather, there was no stopping us from going to Sec 18. A weekly visit was a must...whether you shop or window shop..whether your purse is full or empty.
Our friendship at work grew and moved to the personal sphere, to home and family, through opinions and discussions, thoughts and wishes, to personal joys and sorrows . We groomed and nursed our friendship to one that reached where we are now - A Lifetime.
Even though we are in two different cities, we still find time to catch up, update each other about life. She is the only girl to date with whom I discuss about work and office and crib about them if I feel like, without a seconds thought. She is the one who has been a part of my life through my hardships. In the most difficult of my days in life, she was there, just by my side, standing quietly and never even nudging. Some people have it in them to be there in your life silently- like god. I raise a toast to this friendship today!

Friends can be fun anytime all through your life. And I am happy to have come across some remarkably good people in life who I can call friends!