Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A heart to heart conversation with an old friend last night made me wonder.... what is it about moving out from a relationship .....I have read several stories of heart break .....but I often wonder is it only moving away from one another in that certain kind of realtionship that breaks our heart or makes it hard for us to live...in my opinion moving out of any relationship is equally diffcult and changes everything for us...it is like we stop living as we did for a while .......sometimes it feels like a bad dream and we are not able to accept it..at times it is just that we were not really ready to see this part of our life ......... although we knew it is coming.......can there be only one kind of relationship between man and woman....does any relationship having to do with the opposite sex mean only one thing and can never be accepted.......just because we do not have any logical conclusion to it?

I wonder who made such rules and why do we follow those...to me whoever the person is it is completely okay to feel close to him or her if you feel comfortable in their company......it is not important who he or she is or what relation you have with them....all that should really matter is that you have the same kind of dreams to be on the same level with him or her

Monday, November 10, 2008


An Attempt at hindi Poetry!!
Everyone is free to call it whatever ....... :-)

Bas yun hi tumhein dekha karoon
Jindagi gujar jaaye tumhari baahon mein
Yun hi hum tum raha karein
dhoop mein aur chaanv mein
Fiza badle kitne bhi magar
Hum na badlein in hawaon mein
Khush hoon main isi ehsaas se
ki ab tum ho mere apnon mein....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


When I opened my wardrobe yesterday, all I intended to do was move some of my summer clothes as the weather is getting colder each day and I really wanted to have enough space in the wardrobe to fit in my winter clothes but what I found myself doing was not arranging clothes but something entirely different.......here I was on a trip down memory lane, each of the dresses brought back memories of how I had bought it or where, of how much I wanted a certain kind of dress and what all I had done to get one of the type I wanted......All the palces and times i had worn those to.... Each of them somehow reminded me how it had come to me....who had gifted it to me...when it was given....
It's strange how even the tiniest of your possessions have a way of making you feel special and loved. Parting with my clothes made me feel very nostalgic and I was filled with all kinds of mixed emotions........

Monday, November 3, 2008

Woven dreams!

To be with you is joy ever new
and wonder if it could be true....
To look into ur eyes and
weave dreams of future.....

I dream of faraway places
with just the two of us
Where there is....
No place to run to
No schedules to follow
No calls to answer
No promises to keep
And no commitments to meet

I wish I could live in my own fantasy land
Where nothing gets wiped like times in sand
Where the concrete lives and the strength prevail
Where integrity rules and evil is frail.....