Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggless Chocolate Muffins

Eggless Choco Chip Muffins
The recipe was passed to me by a friend and I instantly fell in love with the result. This is the easiest of all the baking recipes I have dried so far and gets done in a jiffy. With most of the eggless cake recipes I have tried so far, I have always had to use ingredients (like buttermilk, condensed milk etc)which I needed especially for the purpose and would need to check in advance. Howeer,the best thing about this recipe is that you do not need any additional ingredients for this muffin/cake and can be made with what is always available in the kitchen. I made this in my OTG which is very commonly used for baking purposes in most Indian homes.

Flour/Maida - 2 Cups
Sugar(Powdered) - 1 Cup
Butter - 125g (measures a little over 1 cup when melted)
Milk - 1 Cup
Cocoa Powder - 1tbsp
Honey - 1tbsp
Edible Soda - 1 tsp

In a pan melt the butter on very low heat.
Let it cool for some time and add the honey and milk.
Stir this mixture well
Now combine all the dry ingredients together i.e maida, cocoa powder, soda and sugar
Blend the dry items gently
Now fold in the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients
Mix for a while and yippy you are done with the cake batter
Grease the muffin moulds and add the batter
I added chocochips to a few just before placing in the oven

While you prepare the above ingredients set the oven to 250 degrees
to preheat
Reduce the temp to 180 degrees and place the muffin moulds
Bake for around 25 mins
Check to see if it is done by inserting a knife in the centre
If the edges turn out clean, the muffins are done
Let it stand for a cuple of minutes
The muffins come out as soon as you turn the mould upside down
The result is an absolute soft and fluffy muffin and a must try
Serve this while still hot from the oven
An ideal breakfast for kids and I bet they would love it

Sending this for the Cooking for Kids - Filling Breakfast Event at Bhagyashree's blog which started here.