Sunday, September 21, 2008


I don’t know but there are times when I am astonished when I think of Marriage and that too an arranged one. When I say this, please don’t mistake me for being someone who is all for love marriage because that; I am not either, but arranged marriage is something that makes me think time and again.
I mean two completely strange people to share their life together and what’s more that some one who was a complete stranger till now becomes your whole and soul just in no time. One day you didn’t even know him and now he is the Only One you have or seems so………….. You always want to live up to his expectations, love doing things for him, care for him and his needs……..
You just accept a complete stranger as your life partner and start liking him. Liking him! :-D
Can one like someone without even knowing him well or does “Marriage” has this basic rule that the person you marry is to be liked by you. But don’t most of us still love our husband as crazily and aren’t we all ready for anything with him…We start sharing his likes and dislikes, his thoughts, his beliefs and in fact start believing in the very essence of marriage. Accepting everything and agreeing to all that’s important to him. Not that it’s easy, but just that it’s such a pleasure to do so….or is it that we believe is compulsory?