Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It was just another day. As usual, called home and spoke to mom and dad like I normally do. When I picked up the day's newspaper it was full of Mother's Day articles and then it struck me that May 10 was being celebrated as Mother's day. It was Mother's Day and the irony was my Mom was not made to feel any special than other days. :(

A lot of things crossed my mind and some thoughts lingered for a while. I debated whether I should call her up again and wish her "A Happy Mothers Day". Well, I decided against it finally. I just don't need to wish her only on such occassions - do I? I always wish her lots of love and luck, health and happiness. Even when I am not with her, there is not a single moment when I do not think of my mother. I don't let a single day pass without talking to my mother...mummy as I call her. During our growing up years Mothers Day concept was not such a hype. Infact I didn't even know such a day existed till I was in school - I mean that's an honest confession. :D

My Mother- Mummy as I call her -In my life she has always been the guiding star, someone who would stay awake throughout the night to take care of me whenever I was ill, someone who made sure I have everything I ever wished for. Of course, I have had my own share of arguments and fights with her. Times when I wished she wasn't there to nag me all the time. There were times when I thought, had she not been there I could have done certain things.

Those were the days of youth and freedom. The carefree days when you just don't have time to think about anything in life. When parents become low priority as compared to friends. Rather everything else in life takes over the most importat thing ever- Your Parents. We do not realise their importance then or perhaps we do- but we don't know how to handle it.

Anyways, coming back to the point. My mother has been the epitome of strength and perseverance in my life. I have never seen her cry or being rude to anyone. I don't think, I ever heard my mother raising her voice and talking to people. I am just the opposite though. :)
Never did she ever talk ill about anyone or get into gossips in the neighbourhood. During my growing up years Mummy was mostly busy in taking care of the family. Looking back - my memories are of mummy cooking for us, teaching us or playing badminton with us. Like other moms she never came to the bus stop to drop us for school. May be, I was lucky that the bus stop was half a kilometre across the road from my house. And half a kilometre wasn't really a distance in those times. May be she just didn't have enough time to do so- what with the four of us to get ready for school or may be by doing that she made sure we become independent and responsible individuals when we grow up. Which I can proudly say I am.

Mom is an extremely good cook and everyone in the neighbourhood turned to her for her recipes, be it regular food or delicacies. She is known for her culinary skills.
Mom is also too good at stitching and knitting. I still remember the many appreciations by family and friends on the embroidered bed covers, curtains and table covers she used to make. Till I came to college most of my dresses were stitched by her. I have fond memmories of how aunties used to call me and see my dresses which were of course tailor made by Mommy. During winters neighbourhood aunties would call me to have a look at the designs on my sweaters. I was proud then and I am proud now MA!

I can go on telling endless tales about mom and my journey so far but all I wish right now and pray to god for now- is that "May he give her all the happiness and strength she deserves and may she have a happy and peaceful life!"

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Kunjal said...

even I face the same dilemma to call or not mom on Mother's day.How ever now I am wishing her on this day :)