Friday, March 19, 2010

And it was that Day!!

The day finally arrived. My little one went to school today. Wasn’t this the day I had been waiting for? I wasn’t very sure anymore!
I was watching him get onto the bus. He looked so matured in the school uniform. Did the change happen overnight or did I fail to notice it before? I shooed away my thoughts. I was just a little overwhelmed perhaps!
As I waited at home to see him come back, I wondered if it’s a common feeling for all parents. When your child leaves the confinement of home and starts school, you are left with so many varied thoughts.
The wait seemed long. I had probably reached the Bus Stop quite ahead of time. And then, there he was - happy and overjoyed!
With the first day of his school gone by, I was sure there would be many more such moments. Brimming with pride I told myself, “He is a big boy now!”

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