Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Chocolate Mousse

The other day when my little one said that he wants to eat chocolate mousse, I thought of trying something that's healthy as well as quick and easy to make. I experimented with what I already had at home and following is my own innovation:

Chocolate Mousse

Britannia Marie Biscuits- 15pcs
Chocolate Powder- 8 heaped Tbsps
Butter- 350gms (Preferably fresh white butter)
Sugar- Tbsps
Walnuts, cream and cherries
Grind the Marie biscuits and sugar till finely powdered. In a bowl blend butter and chocolate powder. Add the sugar and biscuit powder to this and whip till all the ingredients blend into a fine consistency.
Pour the batter into pudding moulds or small dessert bowls. Decorate with walnuts or cream and cherries. Refrigerate for around 1/2 an hour and serve cold.
The best is to use just one of these for the topping. Although, I sometimes combine cherries and cream but have never used walnuts and cream together. I usually use either of these.
I recently made this for a kids party that I hosted and the children seemed to love it. So I am happy. :-)

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Kunjal said...

wow!!!i am surely going to try this:)