Thursday, August 27, 2009


The festival of Teej is celebrated in Bihar/Jharkhand by married women. This falls a day before Ganesh Chaturthi, when women fast. The fasting is rigorous as you cannot drink water the whole day and ends the next morning before sunrise, when women pray to Goddess Parvati for the well being of their husbands.
Gujhia is a home made sweet that is a must on this ocassion. I still miss the ones prepared by mom although I have bettered with time and make those too. I am sending this to the event at Purva's blog.


Maida/Refined Flour - 1/2Kg
Ghee - 100gms
Khoya - 1/2 Kg
Sugar -100gms
Cashews - 50gms (coarsely crushed)
Raisins - 50gms (cut into pieces)
Grated Coconut - 50gms
Green Cardamoms - 8-10(crushed)
Refined oil for frying

In a pan fry the khoya till the color changes to
Remove from heat and mix sugar, cashews,
grated coconut,raisins and cardomom seeds
Leave the khoya to rest

Mix the flour and ghee together
Knead into a tight dough using little water at a time

Take a little dough and smoothen between the palms
Roll into a thin puri.
Now place this on the mould (see pic) and add a spoonful of Khoya mixture
Close the lids of the mould tightly
Remove from mould and place on a flat dish
Repeat this with the remaining dough

Heat oil in a wok/heavy bottomed pan
Fry the gujhias till till golden (see pic)
Place on paper towel for sometime.
Store in airtight containers

P.S. If the weather is too hot, it is better to consume the gujhias else they may not saty right because of khoya. However, the gujhias can be stored for around a month or so if placed in the refrigerator in airtight containers


Kunjal said...

the photgraphs make me feel that I missed all these things:(

Panchpakwan said...

Hi sonia,

You got a nice blog and recipes.
You can post the logo by going to shanti's website and right click on the logo and copy URL.
In your blog go to edit recipes then add photos..side by you can see add url...there you put this Copyed url & say done. It apperes on the page...
Write shanti's web address..and link it.
I hope u got the solution...if not let me know... will sure help u dear...

Anonymous said...

Looks good..i too have made something similar...chk out my blog..

Purva Desai said...

Sonia, gujhia looks yumm and rich....thank you for the lovely entry for the event