Monday, July 6, 2009


A few days back I asked hubby dear to get some fruits on the way home. Now, it is seldom that he is asked to do so - so out of happiness and excitement he bought more than enough I guess. :D
What he got was 2kgs Mango - langda Aam, a dozen of good ripe bananas and 1kgs pomegranate. Now the season being summer and the weather being as hot as it can get here in Delhi, I just didn't know how to save the fruits. Mangoes were not a problem as I love them and would finish it off soon but none of us have a strong liking for bananas. :-(
I of course refrigerated the pomegranate and Mangoes so they would still stay good for some days but bananas. You can't put them either in the refrigerator or leave it in the open for many days. Atleast I don't because they soon start becoming blackish and I hate it.
However, we tried to eat a few of the bananas and then I decided to make "Pua" to put best use to it. This is a typical recipe right from my state. A must on the festival of holi. This was a common delicacy at my parents home and Mom used to often make it- be it whatever festival. Holi diwali, durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Independence day - yes! as kids we used to clebrate independence day too back at home...I guess since all of us were "Sweet Toothed", Mom wouldn't hesitate to make such things any day.
Ask any bihari and he would associate Pua with holi. There are a variety of "Puas" made on the eve of holi. My mom made puas in different ways.
However, the one here is a very simple and quick recipe


Maida - 3cups
Milk - 4/6 cups
Sugar - 2 cups
Bananas - 4
Green Cardamom(crushed) - 8 crushed
Grated Coconut - 250gms
Saunf(crushed)- 3tsp
Oil for Frying

Mix all the ingredients together blending well.
the consistency would be like a dosa batter
Leave for an hour.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan/wok
Uusing a ladle pour a little of the batter into the oil.
The Pua should be shaped round like a puri.
Fry on low flame till golden in color
Turn each side using a spatula.
Line a flat dish with kitchen towels
Remove the puas from heat and place on the dish so as to absorb excess oil

Note: The oil used for frying puas should be hot in the beginning but you must remember to reduce flame as soon as you pour the batter to the pan else the shape does not come. Do not use the spatula to turn the puas unless the puas look cooked on the other side.

The pua can be served hot or cold. Combining the pua with Rabri is a slumptuous option. :) My favorite is refrigerated Pua and Rabri.

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